WTF evening every Wednesday. Hosted by Drag Queers Amsterdam. Every Wednesday brings a new theme and performance celebrating visible
queer cultural diversity. WTF Wednesday creates safe queer space with a mixture of visual and performance artists, musicians and local drag kings and queens. Each week brings a variety of entertainment including films, live bands, performance art, poetry slams and vogue battles!

Drink beer with queers Wednesday nights.

Also check the Vrankrijk calandar for special once a month WTF Saturday! Queer Party (usually the 3rd saturday of each month)


    Sorry, no voku!

    Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019 | 19.00 till 21.30 | 5 euro

    wtf wednesday queer night

    Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019 | 22:00 till 1.00 | Donation

    WTF evening . Every Wednesday brings a new theme and performance celebrating visible queer cultural diversity. WTF Wednesday creates safe queer space with a mixture of visual and performance artists, musicians and local drag kings and queens. We welcome especially Trans/Nonbinary- POC /Person of Color- Refugee- Non-Normative bodies -Differently Abled- High Femmes – Glitter Butch etc

    C U T E K O - A Brazilian Night Against Fascism

    Saturday, Jun 22, 2019 | 19.00 till 3.00 | Donation

    Only one thing unites us: our assholes. In Brazilian: cu. CUTEKO is more than a dirty ass party. Think of an asshole manifesto; an asshole speech; a critical beijo grego; an ass-shaking response to the global right-wing currents that are trying to delimit queer bodies in present-day political geographies from Brazil and back; CUTEKO is our Brazilian queer cu contra o fascismo.  We are Brazilian migrants, cuír, trans, nonbinary, artists, choreographers, futuristic lesbians, human rights activists, whores, fast feminists, and above all, Marielles. We reject colonial views of our nudity and sexuality. We are not your cheap carnival—but on our own terms, we are proudly cheap. We won’t stay silent in the face of Bolsonaro’s fascism in Brazil. We won’t stay silent in the face of any fascism at all. But we don’t speak ‘weapons’. We talk pajubá! With art, love, dance, friendship and our assholes.

    Hereby we invite you to CUTEKO: an evening of Brazilian queer feminist performances and juicy DJ sets! For that, our incredible Vita Evangelista and Mavi Veloso are curating a bold performance program; our Brazilian DJ Kupa Lua lives in Berlin and is coming to Amsterdam to get us soaked (obrigade, Kupa! You are amazing!); we are equally excited to welcome DJ Hajar into the família! And finally: we are stoked to announce that the São Paulo based LGBTQI+ collective Chernobyl is joining us !!!  It’s going to be summer and we want to see skin, bikinis, glitter, colors, beach towels, and anything that makes you feel hot.

    19h – 20h  WOMXN THAT COULDN’T FINISH THEIR WORKS, an action by We Fuck Patriarchy and Racism Collective. Please note: the performance will take place at Dam. We’ll walk to Vrankrijk together for an open conversation after.
    21h  performance by Fernando Belfiore
    22h – 03h  DJ Hajar – DJ KupaluaChernobyl

    The event will be documented by Thiemi Higashi. If you don’t want to be photographed, please let her know in advance.

    Donations will go to COLETIVO MEXA:
    MEXA is not defined as an artistic collective, but rather uses artistic tactics, especially writing and performance, to defend and promote the encounter of the diversity of the population in São Paulo, Brazil. Mexa’s performers are artists, homeless, trans, disabled, addicts, men, women, song writers, hairdressers working on and with vulnerabilities.

    Wtf queer voku

    Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019 | 19.00 till 21.30 | 5 euro

    Come and enjoy the nice veggie vega food before the wtf queer night

    WTF presents: Cunnilingus comedy

    Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019 | 21:30 till 1.00 | Donation

    Introducing a new comedy night in Amsterdam inspired by the best practices of Cunnilingus [kuhn-l-ing-guh s]. For decades, the phrase Cunnilingus has simply related the art of performing oral sex on a woman. However in 2019, Cunnilinguist expert, Mikaela Burch used the art to craft the perfect stand-up comedy show.

    I. The Warm-up
    Before getting started, a proper warm-up is needed. Time will be taken to make the audience feel welcomed, relaxed and excited for what we have in store for them. Be alarmed, there will be plenty of foreplay.
    II. She Comes First
    Different strokes for different folks. Our expertise in taking cues from the audience will ensure a great evening but if this fails, don’t worry we are excellent communicators. Seriously, our crowd work is phenomenal. It’s all about you boo.
    III. The Big O
    An orgasmic burst of laughter from each and every one of you is guaranteed.

    Once you get going we won’t stop. You will be pleased.

    ★★★ Our Acts ★★★
    Yaïra van NielenRoxy JCEmily HigginsonUsman AhmedaniLara RicoteJames Johnson & A surprised guest
    Host: Mikaela Burch

    ★★★ Program ★★★
    7:00pm – 9:00pm:  Vegan Dinner
    9:30pm – 11pm: Comedy Show Starts
    11:00pm – 1:00am: DJ Shady Lady