Spuistraat 216
1012 VT Amsterdam

For general info you can contact us through this page. Please do not use this form to request a show for your band. Unfortunately we get so many requests from bands that we simply can’t process them. If you want to organise an event at the Vrankrijk, please come to our meeting which is in the bar on the first Monday evening of each month at 7pm. Otherwise you can try contacting one of the regular groups that organise events here.
Some of these groups are:

Autonomia Promotions (mainly punk / hardcore)
Dirty Immigrant Amsterdam (mainly punk / crust)
DIY Shows Nederlands (mainly punk / crust)(mainly punk / hardcore)
WTF Queer Wednesday (queer. Also one Saturday per month)
Rauwe School (hiphop)

Other places in Amsterdam you might want to check out:

Radar website
Amsterdam Alternative website


We often get asked by visitors to the city if we can provide accommodation. Unfortunately we cannot help you with this. Your best option is to ask any friends you might have in the city to help you with this. If you don’t know anyone in the city then you can try hostels / campings / squats and so on. If you are a travelling band playing at our venue, our organisers will usually arrange for you to stay somewhere close to the Vrankrijk.


We get asked regularly if we want to take part in anthropological and other college / university research. There is however no interest in the group to take part in these, so we can’t help you with this.


We also get asked regularly if the Vrankrijk could be used as a set location for film / tv series productions. Unless it’s a non commercial production with affinity to squatting / activism then the answer is always no.

For contact, send an email to info [@]

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