PA system

Mixing Desk: Crest 24 channel analogue mixer
There are 15 channels coming from the stage to the desk, but this can be extended to 19 channels if necessary.

2 monitor sends from the desk going to 4 monitors on stage

Sound can be sent from the concert hall to the bar, or vice versa.

We have plenty of mics, including SM58 vocal mics, drum clip mics, DIs etc

We have plenty of mic stands and cables

We have a TC Electronics M100 effects unit, a 30 band graphic EQ on the FOH, plus 4 channels of compression.


We have 12 led lights, controlled by an AYRA OSO 1612 MKII DMX mixer.
We have a bunch of presets already programmed for a wide range of situations, but if you know what you are doing you can program your own scenes.

We have 2 old PAR lights which give some warm front light.


We have an Epson EH-TW610 projector, and a large pull-down screen.

Laptops showing video can be connected on stage or in the sound booth, and can be connected to the PA system for sound.

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