Hip Hop

We are G.A.A.F. crew, the Guerrilla Ant Army Federation. We are a group of volunteers and act as a non-profit organisation only interested in supporting the community. Every first Saturday of the month we organise an event at the Vrankrijk with live music. We use art and music, and especially the 4 elements of hiphop, to educate the youth about freedom and unity.
We offer a platform to underground artists and activists of different kinds of disciplines to perform together and state their views on life, politics and revolution. Everybody we work with are volunteers doing this to help us in promoting unity, and showing the world great things can happen without the need of money or bureaucracy.


    de rauwe school underground hip-hop

    Saturday, Sep 7, 2019 | 21.00 till 3.00 | 5 euro

    De Rauwe School is het dooooopste en gezelligste underground hiphopfeest van Amsterdam!!

    Elke eerste zaterdag van de maand presenteren we in de Vrankrijk Amsterdam de ondergrondse hiphop avond De Rauwe School. De avond is bedoelt om zowel nationale als internationale underground hiphop act`s een podium te geven.
    De Rauwe school staat bekend als het gezelligste hiphop feest van Amsterdam vanwege de goede vibe en atmosfeer die er altijd hangt, waarin de kern waarden van hiphop ” Peace Unity Love en Having fun” hoog in het vaandel staan.

    The Rauwe School is Amsterdam finest underground hiphop party!!!

    Every first saturday of the month we present in the Vrankrijk in Amsterdam the underground hiphop event De Rauwe School (the raw school). We organize the party with the intention to give national and international underground hiphop act`s a platform to perform. De Rauwe School is known as the most coziest hiphop party in Amsterdam because of the good vibe and atmosphere in which the core values of hip hop “Peace Love Unity and Having fun” are highly valued.