CeaseFire, is a three pieces band who plays a mix of punk/hardcore and D-beat with influence from band like Final Conflict, Warcry, Born/dead, Death Side, Meanwhile, Behind Enemy Lines, …

    Diss guy, is a four pieces band from Antwerp, Belgium formed by old members of Thrash Metal band such as Striking Death and Prematory who play Punk/Hardcore in the vein of Black Flag mix with more modern influence such as Trash Talk.

    1 Step At A Time, is a 5 pieces bands that play this yourh crew NYHC 87 to 89 area in the vein of Youth of today, Breakdown, side by side and the like.

    OVERLOAD are a hardcore Punk/Oi band from Cambridge.
    “OVERLOAD is a brutal streetpunk band, not a specific political venture. Still, we can’t write love songs and our lyrics reflect our view of society from the point of view of our own experiences but often they talk about the punk/oi family and our way life. Sometimes nihilistic, angry and antisocial but never nazi, bigots nor political witch-hunters.”

    KONTATTO 80s influenced HC D-BEAT in a CRUSTY vein from Bologna, Italy. This Italian D-beat raw punk band formed in the late 90’s. Savage D-BEAT enraged by old 80s both Wretched and Anti Cimex HC.–145610635482667/

    DJ Rengo Estar will make you move with the best Ska-Punk-Rock Rhythms.

    More tbc

    PuNK NiGht VraNkRijK

    Friday, Nov 3, 2017 | 21.00 till 1.00 | donation

    – PRECIO :: punk oi Antifa from Madriz-Spain
    SUICIDADE:: crust punk from Amsterdam
    DIESEL BREATH:: metal punk from Amsterdam