The Domestics + Guilt Police, benefit for SLDF

    Monday, Aug 28, 2017 | 21.00 till 1.00 | donation


    Previously compared to the likes of classic hardcore outfits such as OUT COLD, GAUZE, NEGATIVE APPROACH, RIPCORD, FORWARD, POISON IDEA and BLACK FLAG, alongside more contemporary exponents like GREEN BERET, CAREER SUICIDE and KOWARD, U.S. punk bible, MAXIMUM ROCK ‘N’ ROLL described their last album as “Stellar…if you’re gonna play hardcore don’t fuck around. THE DOMESTICS got the memo…pissed beyond belief”. Stalwart UK punk zine SUSPECT DEVICE described them as “one of the UK’s finest punk bands” whilst New Zealand’s’ SCANNER refers to them as “brutal hardcore…caustic yet intelligent”.

    With a ripping new album, ‘Cherry Blossom Life’, just out (alongside a new 7” E.P. called ‘Pissing on Perfection’) these East Anglian hardcore bruisers go from strength to strength.

    Check out the new album here:


    With an excellent 7” E.P and 12” Mini LP (‘Welcome to the Gun Show’) under their belts, this Oxford bunch have shown they know a thing or two a intelligent, apocalyptic hardcore, ripping it up all over the place in true power-trio style. You will not be disappointed.

    Check out the Welcome to the Gun Show 12” here:
    benefit Squat Legal Defense Fund.


    Surge –
    Dublin Feminist/Queer Raw Hardcore Punk!!!

    Terrorstat – Oslo
    “Typical hardcore from Norway” – but really, check em out!!!

    This evening we’ll be raising money for MASI – Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland
    “We have come together to build an independent, self-organised nationwide asylum seeker movement in Ireland. Freedom, Dignity & Justice for Asylum Seekers!”

    Funds left over after costs are covered (i.e. travel for the touring bands!) will be donated to MASI.

    +++ post-punk – (minimal)synth – (cold)wave – batcave +++

    Vleermuistijd in de Vrankrijk!

    Sudeten Creche (UK)

    Staatseinde (NL)
    Synths from outer space – zelf noemen ze het ‘Neue Niederländische Welle’.

    DJ’s: Vleermuishol – Tenebrae – Solid State Entity

    Gast-DJ’s Tenebrae en Solid State Entity van Distant Dance ( in Darmstadt/Duitsland zullen ons vermaken met synthesizer pop, coldwave & experimental electronics!

    Mares Of Diomedes
    Two brothers making fuzzy sludge/doom metal for the likes of Primitive Man, Conan and Eyehategod.

    Noisy mix of hardcore, d-beat and powerviolence from Arnhem. Fans of Cerce, Törsø, Punch won’t be disappointed.

    Amsterdam based gloomy experimental singer/songwriter duo for the likes of Grouper, Giles Corey and Emma Ruth Rundle.