wtf wednesday queer night

    Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 | 22.00 till 1.00 | donation

    WTF evening every Wednesday. Hosted by Drag Queers Amsterdam. Every Wednesday brings a new theme and performance celebrating visible queer cultural diversity. WTF Wednesday creates safe queer space with a mixture of visual and performance artists, musicians and local drag kings and queens. Each week brings a variety of entertainment including films, live bands, performance .

    De Vloek goes Vrankrijk edition 2

    Saturday, Feb 24, 2018 | 19.00 till 3.00 | donation

    Benefit party for evicted squat “de Vloek” that was situated in Scheveningen.
    There was a big venue (de Piratenbar) where a lot of gigs were organised and a restaurant (Water & Brood), where many people would come to eat vegan meals.

    And this day “de Vloek” is back but then situated in Vrankrijk!

    Starts 7 pm with food prepared by the Water & Brood crew.

    Locura (Afval aan de Rijn crusties)
    Crusten unie (Leiden korstjes)
    Insula (Den Haag crust)

    Akrasia (Crust, Oslo) + more TBC, Benefit for Den Haag KSU

    Saturday, May 12, 2018 | 21.00 till 3.00 | donation

    Dirty Immigrant Amsterdam presents……

    AKRASIA [Norway]
    AKRASIA are bringing their self-described “CATACLYSMIC SPACE CRUST” to Vrankrijk!!!

    Influenced by bands like Amebix, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Discharge, Killing Joke, GISM, Chrome, Hawkwind and a thousand others.. People have been having trouble labeling the style, but the worship of the old crust gods is always easy to spot!! Featuring (ex)members of Italian and Norwegian bands like Morbo, Dirty Power Game, Terrorstat, Summon the Crows, Dishonorable Discharge, Knuste Ruter, and more… Check em out, the tour coincides with the release of their first LP!!!!

    BENEFIT FOR: KSU Den Haag! Recently re-opened in a new location, all moneys raised after covering costs will go to support the KSU, and towards maintenence and materials for their new location. For more info, check

    More details to follow, for now SAVE THE DATE!!!