Sehaqi Queer Food” is a VEGAN benefit dinner to support SEHAQ, Queer Refugees Group.

    We will have a 3-course menu VEGAN dinner from the cuisine(s) of the MENA region (the exact menu to-be-announced later!). Dinner will be served from 7pm to 9pm.

    The dinner is open to everyone (refugees and non-refugees).

    Sehaq does not have any form of funding, and it needs financial support to cover the travel expenses of refugees attending its regular monthly events (e.g. “Sehaq Cafeteria”), and its bi-monthly events (e.g. benefit parties, workshops/community-building/film-screening events, LBQT-refugees-only events). Sehaq’s refugee participants travel by train from different refugee camps in the Netherlands to attend Sehaq events in Amsterdam. Sehaq needs money to pay for those group train tickets.

    After “Sehaqi Food”, please stay for Mich-Halloween Party & Open-Stage Performances @Vrankrijk on the same night!

    Because Halloween parties reproduce capitalist consumerism and cultural appropriation (e.g. Halloween costumes), we will not dance for Halloween, BUT WE WILL DANCE & PERFORM in the MISH-HALLOWEEN PARTY (or the NON-HALLOWEEN PARTY)!

    ===> “Mich-Halloween Party & Open-Stage Performances” is a benefit party/performance night for SEHAQ, Queer Refugees Group.

    The microphone and stage will be waiting for your (faggy) fabulousness. We welcome drag shows, strip tease, lip-sync, impersonations performances, and more!I

    Send us an email on before the event to sign up on the “open stage” list.

    10pm-12:30am: Open Stage Berformances.

    12:30am-3am: Party with DJ sets // DJ Jay and DJ Flooka (Nisreen El) are mixing cheap dance beats from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and West Africa regions.

    The Open Stage/Party is open to EVERYONE (refugees and non-refugees).

    Zero tolerance policy for misogyny, anti-blackness, racism, homophobia, transphobia, unsollicited touching, sexual harrasmment or any other kind of oppressive behavior.