wtf wednesday queer night For Zak / Zackie Oh

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018 | 20.00 till 1.00 | donation

This Wednesday the queerdom gathers to commemorate our fallen sister and brother Zak/Zackie Oh.

This Wednesday the queerdom gathers to raise awareness about the tragic incident in Athens on the 21/9.

This Wednesday the queerdom gathers to raise money for economic support for the court case expenses.

This Wednesday the queerdom gathers NOT simply because this is a gay thing, NOR because this is simply a Greek thing.

This is simply an act of inhuman violence and hatred, against anything which is outside the terms of endearing and manageable acceptance. Of any individual that consciously refuses to sign the fictional social contract, we are all unwillingly made to, of the white, heterosexual cis-man of a successful economic background. This is the reason that the queerdom gathers, energy and strength, to not be standing on its ground like a true man, but in its fucking heels like a queen.

Open at 8H

9H — Watch and Talk

10H — Performances

The Pau The Pau
(is a solo project of Paulina Dudek, who in her own compositions plays the same on all instruments. The Pau music is a combination of guitar riffs and broken rhythms. Sometimes harder, sometimes lighter.)

Styliana Apostolou

Anastasia McCammon

Gravity Grave

11H DJ sets

pablo diskko (HIS DARK Elements)
Bertram (HIS DARK Elements)