Weemoed presents: Stockhaussen [MEX] + Isotropía [MEX / GEO]

Friday, Sep 6, 2019 | 21.00 till 3.00 | Donation

+++ post-punk – (minimal)synth – (cold)wave +++

Stockhaussen (MEX)

Stockhaussen is a music project based in México City, influenced by different music genres from Minimal Wave/Synth – to – Cold/Dark Wave, Post-Punk, among others, created by Angel Kauff.
His personal musical influence is related to universe, the classical music & dark sounds. J. S. Bach is his primary influence, together with Wolfgang Stockmeier, a German composer/organist, and Elias Gottlob Haussmann, a German painter who has immortalized the portrait of the Baroque composer.


The post-punk project of Keren Batok (Red Sol/ Psi) and Angel Kauff (Stockhaussen/ Frio y Vacio). After Keren and Angel collaborated on some Stockhaussen songs, they started a project together where Angel writes the music and Keren works on the lyrics and vocals. Angel and Keren always worked on their music together through the internet as they live in different countries, and will meet each other and perform as Isotropía for the first time on this tour.

DJ’s: Karloff Lugosi – Absynth (Neon Decay, NEON Transmissions) – maybe one more…