Sehaq presents Tantat Queer Party حفلة الطنطات

Saturday, Sep 28, 2019 | 19:00 till 3:00 | Donation

〉 P R O G R A M M E

1 9 : 0 0 ↔ 2 1 : 0 0 x VEGAN VOKU DINNER
(more information on the menu coming soon)

2 1 : 0 0 ↔ 2 2 : 0 0 x DANCE BATTLE
Are you a spotlight Diva? Are you a queer of the dance floor? Do you like challenge? We’re looking for you, choose your song and dance your way to the audience and win their love and votes, the winner will get a prize. The Category is: “Cheap Tanta”

2 2 : 0 0 ↔ 0 3 : 0 0 x DJ & PERFORMANCES
• 22:00-23:00: DJ Najla 3al Majla, duo from Lebanon (Arabic pop and other music from the MENA region)
• 00:00-01:30: DJ Queen of Cakes (bollywood/iranian oldies/bellydancing beats)
• 01:30-03:00: DJ Sonny Jermain or simply SJ is a gay Zimbabwean radio/club DJ who is new to The Netherlands and is ready to mix up some funky Afro beats for the queer community!

〉QUEER REFUGEES ON STAGE (starts at 23:00)
x Sumayya sheeba, singer & performer from Uganda.
x Samantha, Drag Queen from Venezuela.

**The event is a benefit for Fite QLUB, and is open to EVERYONE.
Fite QLUB is a cis-men free sex festival with workshops, performances and play party.

*tantat= literally means aunties but the term is used for ‘gays’ in Arabic

If you want to join the event and live outside Amsterdam, you can ask for a train ticket here (priority for Lesbian and Trans*):

// // // Volunteer: Sehaq is a volunteer-based collective. We NEED volunteers to help organizing THIS event (cooking, cleaning & other tasks). If you are interested, please contact us on this email to sign up for a shift: