Saturday, May 26, 2018 | 19.00 till 1.00 | donation

Expect a 3-course menu vegan iftar dinner from the cuisine(s) of the MENA region (menu to be announced soon)

There will be 2 dinner services: the first one is at 7pm, and the second one is at 9:45pm (iftar time)

*The iftar is a benefit for Sehaq queer refugees collective, and is open to EVERYONE.

Suggested donations (sliding scale) starting 5 euro.

Sehaq does not have any form of funding, and it needs financial support to cover the costs of its events (e.g. benefit parties, workshops/community-building/film-screening events, LBQT-refugees-only events). Sehaq’s refugee participants travel by train from different refugee camps or houses in the Netherlands to attend Sehaq events in Amsterdam. Sehaq needs money to fund their train tickets.

After “SEHAQ IFTAR”, there is a “One Year of Cheapness” party/performances on the same night at 11pm!