Dirty Immigrant Amsterdam presents Polikarpa y sus viciosas

Friday, Jun 21, 2019 | 21.00 till 3.00 | Donation

Since 1994, Polikarpa Y Sus Viciosas, 3 girls coming from Bogota, denounces and awakes political consciousness using music as a mean of expression. They play a blend of Hard-core, Trash and feminist Anarco-punk. The lyrics of their songs suggest an immediate and absolute political commitment, not only playing live, but being socially active in numerous project involving lots of collectives. Fighting for the rights for women to dispose of their own bodies, and denouncing the violence against women within the colombian conflict are one of the main subjects raised in their new album: “A mi esta Guerra me Toca” which could be translated by “This war is affecting me”

The benefit money will go to support a collective from Mexico City called D.I.Y. or DIE, which organizes vegan vokus , workshops and promotes alternative bands, fanzines, permaculture and trying to keep open and run a social center called La curva. This collective is already active since 90’s with a different name but with the same ideas, making the Punk more political and more active beyond the music.