Overload (UK) / more tbc is cancelled we are sorry

Sunday, Jun 10, 2018 | 21.00 till 1.00 | donation

OVERLOAD – Brutal Street Punk Oi from Cambridge, England.

“OVERLOAD is a brutal streetpunk band, not a specific political venture. Still, we can’t write love songs and our lyrics (mostly written by Teo plus a couple from Jaime) reflect our view of society from the point of view of our own experiences but often they talk about the punk/oi family and our way life. Teo is a Italian immigrant in England from 2000; skinhead, militant anarchist and a waiter. Jaime is a anarchocommunist father of 2, ex music critic from a metal/punk school. We all have working class backgrounds and all but one are of foreign origin. Together with Gungle and Shinn, we reject globalization, fascism and the communist models of past and present; We all believe that race shouldn’t be an issue while oppose any form of racial and sexual discrimination. Sometimes nihilistic, angry and antisocial but never nazi, bigots nor political witch-hunters”.