Mirre [NL], Crupta [NL], Arcane Frost [GER], and Baerus [GER]

Saturday, Jan 18, 2020 | 21:00 till 02:00 | Donation

On Saturday, January 18, it’s time for some cold and bleak music, as fitting for cold and bleak times. The doors open at 9PM (more information TBA, including performance schedule) and it’ll be a benefit for Het Actiefonds, featuring concerts by:


Active since 2015, this Raw, Punk-inspired yet Atmospheric Black Metal three-piece has been emerging and slumbering since late 2016, releasing a live split in 2018 and another demo in 2019. On January 18th they will rejoice for one last time to play a final set. Improvised Black Metal chaos known for its extremely raw sound and tortured vocals.


This young, Punk-inspired Raw Black Metal duo delivers intense and fierce stomps, not unlike the better known US Punk Black Metal bands. The band has released one demo in 2018 and a live split in 2019. This track gives a good impression of the band’s intensity:



Formed in 2015, this German atmospheric black metal trio released their first EP «Dragged Into The Void» last year, following the 2017 «Cosmic Winter» demo. Underlying their cold sound is a simple message – fuck nsbm.



Blackened doom trio from Osnabrück, currently preparing the release of their debut album, having put out a demo in 2016. A glimpse of the slow gloom to come can be found in their «Greater Good» sneak peak.



Benefit for Het X-Y Actifonds
Website: https://hetactiefonds.nl/en/homepage/
Information below taken from the about section of their website.

Het Actiefonds is an organisation that supports the struggle for a sustainable and socially just world in which people and the environment are more important than economic interests. We do so by investing in bottom-up social change. It is our mission to support social movements and activists all over the world that fight for equality, sustainability and social justice. We raise money among individual donors only and finance activists fighting for a better world.”