Metalpunx night with Speedkobra [DE] + Jeruji [Indonesia] + TWOS [BE]

Friday, Nov 1, 2019 | 19.00 till 03.00 | Donation

As it is Friday, we will have an awesome 3 course vegan meal served at 19h! So, food @ 19, doors for the show @ 21!!

All money raised from the entry will go to a group of Italian anarchists facing repression and imprisonment after ‘Operation Renata’, a police slander-campaign against the movement.
‘Operation Renata’ was carried out early morning 19th of Feb. Raids/Searches were conducted at forty private houses, clubs, popular gyms, clubs and workplaces between Trento, Rovereto and Bolzano. These raids were violent and carried out under the guise of anti-terrorism raids. Shortly before, there was also a fire at an electrical station, which was, ‘conveniently’, attributed to anarchists by the press. Consequently this event provided justification for the raids, arrests and imprisonment of people, even though some weeks later it became clear that the fire had not been arson….. 7 people were arrested and charged, with originally 6 in prison and 1 under house arrest. On the 7th May, all of those in prison except one, were released and instead placed under house arrest. In other words, 6 people remain under house arrest and one is still imprisoned. Of course these raids were an act of repression, with the goal of intimidating others, and as the articles/posts below point out, and ugly collaboration between police and media to place those accused within a particular narrative in order to justify the actions.


Speedkobra [DE]
Metalpunxx madness, crust’n’roll raised from the ashes of Hangover Generation, Suburban Uproar and The Limit.

Jeruji [Bandung, Indonesia]
Jeruji is Indonesian hardcore punk bands and was one of the first bands to make a significant impact in their hometown, Bandung. Formed and grew up in the mid-1990s when the raising local hardcore punk scene started to bloom. Their first album is considered as one of seminal albums in the history of Bandung HC/Punk. Through the years, Jeruji have gone through a multitude of lineup changes as they have evolved, releasing four albums on few different labels. Their early styles rooted in straight forward punk in the vein of Chaos UK, Varukers, early GBH and D-Beat gods like Discharge. Their styles evolves as they went through line-up changes during the second decade of their existence, but the spirit and the messages stay the same. Jeruji recent music style bears resemblance to 90s NYHC bands with heavy influences from metal and late 80s crossover thrash fused with the band’s political, ethical and emotional underpinnings, is an unlikely marriage but one that produces a powerful forces and inspiration within local communities.


kemeriahan pada acara indiebash pada tanggal 25 agustus 2019 sampai ketemu kembali bersama kami pada bulan berikut nya stay true !!!

Geplaatst door Jeruji op Donderdag 29 augustus 2019

TWOS • Turbowarrior of Steel [Hellgium]
The Most Alkohölik Partymix of Crossover Thrash, Rock & Roll Punk & Singalong Hardcore…like the Beastie Boys on Steroids!

And DJ STEVE!!!!!