Masses [Melbourne] Urban Grey, Parastroyed, Karloff Lugosi

Saturday, Jun 9, 2018 | 21.00 till 3.00 | donation

Dirty Immigrant Amsterdam presents:

A dark night of post-punk in the Vrankrijk to say goodbye to the gloomy winter days…

Masses [Melbourne]

MASSES are a four piece post-punk/goth/peace punk band from Melbourne, Australia, forming in 2013 the band features duel vocals from both guitarist James and synth player Nellie. Masses combines driving anarcho sounds and politically motivated themes reminiscent of bands such as THE MOB and VEX with emotive and dancey new wave and goth inspired tracks reminiscent of 80’s new wave acts like early NEW ORDER.

In support of their upcoming new self titled EP out May 2018!

Check em out:

Urban Grey
Post-Punk locals

Paranoid-Post-Punk [NL]

Paranoid Post-Punk music with energetic drums, rebellious bass riffs, mostly melodic guitar riffs with vocals containing cynicism as well as humor and with a theme focusing on mental struggles and surrealistic situations. The challenge for you is to follow the coordinated chaos of instruments playing against each other without letting you carried away into a musical psychosis!

of Weemoed after the bands!! Spinning post-punk/new-wave tunes to keep the dancefloor going!

Doors @ 9, Damage 5 euro……. Be prepared to dance, we’re open til 3!!!

***This event will be a benefit to support Abortion Network Amsterdam. All monies raised after costs are covered will go to support the awesome work this group is doing to ensure people unable to access this type of medical care (e.g. due to national laws etc.) have the opportunity to access it. For more info check their website below, also more information about the group and what they do will be available on the night***