Civilised Society? [UK], Bread and Bullets plus one TBC

Saturday, Sep 15, 2018 | 21.00 till 1.00 | donation


BENEFIT for the Disgraça social centre (Lisbon) – details below!

On the bill this evening:

Civilised Society? [UK]
Dont know em? Think old UK hc-punk straight outta the 80’s 😉 After a loooong hiatus, they’re back, and touring for the release of their new ep, War in my Head!!! Super excited to welcome these to the Vrankrijk stage!!!!!

Bread and Bullets [Amsterdam]
New band outta Amsterdam, maybe you saw em at De Weeren, maybe you didn’t, but either way heres your chance to see em again!!!!!
Feat. (ex)members of Cruel Facts, Buiten Gebruik and more……..

+1 TBA


Disgraça is a 3 years old antiauthoritarian social centre based in Lisbon and run by an horizontal collective.

Everyone here is a volunteer and all the profits made by the vegan cantine are used for the upkeep and maintance of the space. Disgraça is home to an anarchist info/bookshop, the 12 years old antitechnological library BOESG (Biblioteca dos estragos da sociedade globalizada), a vegan canteen, a cinema room, a concert room, a rehearsal room (run by the bands who use it), a screenprinting room and two workshop spaces.

The Antiauthoritarian Health Group (GO.S.A) also meets in our space, and integrates events and activities with a critic towards the hegemonic health system.

We promote the DIY spirit and we reject all forms of authority and oppression caused by the capitalist society, we support antiracist, antisexist and anticapitalist struggles.
Check the Dirty Immigrant Amsterdam page for upcoming events!