Anal Pride Hosted By Sehaq

Saturday, Aug 06, 2022 | 17 00 - 03 00 | Suggested Donation

The PRIDE is here! And we have the best idea for you to start celebrating your true colors!
Don’t miss the cheapest party yet to be hosted by Sehaq … (drumrolls) 🥁 … IT’S WHORIENTAL NIGHT!

Let’s celebrate and dance and serve cheapness all night together this Saturday!We have a very exciting program, it’s a surprise, so don’t have any expectations because it will be exceeded DEFINITELY! 😎

The purpose of this evening is to provide a safe space for queer refugees to meet, connect and have fun, so bring your friends and dress up like you’re the only rainbow in the sky and get ready for a “Whoresome” time!

If you are a refugee and you live in the AZC, you can request a free train ticket to attend the event: link to be announced

Tickets at the door only, entrance ticket: 5 euros Suggested Donation

Anal Pride Hosted By Sehaq
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