Aktion XXVI [ттøтε] : SHIT, Permanent Debt, Pressure Pact

Friday, Jun 8, 2018 | 21.00 till 1.00 | donation

The twenty-sixth [ттøтε] AKTION will showcase a diverse selection of hardcore, punk & oi.

|| S.H.I.T. (CA) – Static Shock / La Vida Es Un Mus
|| Permanent Debt (BE)
|| Pressure Pact (NL)

|| S.H.I.T. (CA) – Static Shock / La Vida Es Un Mus

Finally making their way over from Toronto to wreck havoc over Europe. S.H.I.T. has left us wanting more with every single releases and solidified their spot at the forefront of the new wave in hardcore. Releasing on labels like La Vida Es Un Mus & Static Shock and playing amazing fests all over Canada & the USA. Barks of frustration, howls of anger, emerging from the bruising punk squall, anguished and disgusted. We can only imagine the destructions this show will bring

FFO: Dawn Of Humans, Gag, Blazing Eye


Old punks, new band. They might be from Antwerp but sound like the best bits of Scandi D-beat, NWOBHC and some good US stomp. Ugh.

FFO: The Sentenced, Arms Race, Krimewatch


Straight from the muddy slumps of Brabant. Working class music that gives you an excuse to finally wear those boots & braces out to a show. OI!

FFO: Rixe, Blood Pressure, The Flex