WTF Queer


WTF evening every Wednesday. Hosted by Drag Queers Amsterdam. Every Wednesday brings a new theme and performance celebrating visible
queer cultural diversity. WTF Wednesday creates safe queer space with a mixture of visual and performance artists, musicians and local drag kings and queens. Each week brings a variety of entertainment including films, live bands, performance art, poetry slams and vogue battles!

Drink beer with queers Wednesday nights.

Also check the Vrankrijk calendar for special once a month WTF Saturday! Queer Party (usually the 3rd Saturday of each month)



Continuing the DIY punk tradition!

Every Friday and occasionally on other days (check agenda), the dirty, unshaven, drinking, smoking scum members of our infamous crust-punk collective is here serving you a combination of never heard or underestimated punk/crust/metal tunes. In fucked up gentrified Amsterdam we want to create a space for those bands and initiatives that would otherwise not be able to perform because of commercial greed and moneymaking assholes.

But of course all other non-educated delinquents are welcome to come by for a cheap beer and crappy conversations every Friday at the bar from 9pm till 3am.

SEHAQ Queer Refugees Group


Sehaq is an intersectional, inclusive and independent group that aims to create new space for collective thinking and acting between Queer refugees

Rauwe School Hip Hop


The Rauwe School is Amsterdam finest underground hip hop party!!!

Every first Saturday of the month we present in the Vrankrijk in Amsterdam the underground hip hop event De Rauwe School (the raw school). We organize the party with the intention to give national and international underground hip hop acts a platform to perform. De Rauwe School is known as the most coziest hip hop party in Amsterdam because of the good vibe and atmosphere in which the core values of hip hop “Peace Love Unity and Having fun” are highly valued.



In Amsterdam people have been squatting/occupying houses (‘kraken’ in Dutch) for decades. The SKSU, or the Student Squatting Information Center, provides information on squatting and the right contacts necessary to squat something yourself. In this way, the SKSU aims to provide a direct solution to people without a place to stay and at the same time address issues like housing shortage and vacancy in a political way.

Squatting your own place in a safe and sustainable way can be a complicated process and if you are a foreigner planning to squat something in Amsterdam, we would recommend visiting multiple kraakspreekuren / squatting information centers to ensure you are aware of all the important issues and to get to know as many local and experienced squatters as possible.

The SKSU is open on every Thursday, from 19:00 to 21:00, in the Vrankrijk, Spuistraat 216, a legalised squatted social centre in the center of Amsterdam.