Weemoed presents: Special Love [UK] + Gertrud Stein [UK] Hosted by Weemoed and Vrankrijk

Friday, Dec 8, 2017 | 21.00 till 3.00 | donation

Gertrud Stein (UK)

Minimal wave originating from Switzerland but currently hailing from the UK. Gertrud Stein is a one womans act consisting of Gertrud and her “virtual video band”.

Gertrud has graced the stages at Gothic Pogo and Waveteef and we are happy to have her in the Netherlands for the first time!

When Gertrud burst onto the synth scene almost a decade ago, her music stood out for the way it catches that particular anxiety; one’s personal struggles that border on the pathological. Yet there’s this catchy, immer persistent, pulsating blanket that comforts and energises. Where 80’s NDW would stray into the morbid, tormented corners of one’s mind, with Gertrud you always feel in good company. Let’s laugh and dance our strange thoughts and fears away!


Special Love (UK)

Special Love existed for one year, 2005, as an Edinburgh-based duo of singer Johnny Dave and synth player Charlie George, founded on an original mix of synthpop and noise. The act quickly developed with romantic yet humorous songs of lust, longing and loneliness, the product of two emotionally disadvantaged men in their late twenties. After a split due to leaving Edinburgh, Johnny Dave vowed to bring Special Love back after ten years. Charlie George, now a respectable family man, was not interested in a reunion. But as Johnny Dave had written most of the music he was able to recreate all the classic songs, confident few people would miss his old keyboard pal. By this point Johnny Dave was now living in London.

Appearing onstage as an ominous stalker figure in the trademark outfit, the audience immediately sense they’re in for something “special”!

DJ’s: Karloff Lugosi – Maria (Bleib Dark) – ROAC (Manifest Utrecht)