Aktion XXI [ттøтε] : High Functioning Flesh / Mineur / Wartone in concert

Sunday, May 28, 2017 | 20.30 till 1.00 | donation

The twentyfirst [ттøтε] AKTION will showcase a diverse selection of minimal wave, post-punk, electronics and synth pop.

|| High Functioning Flesh (USA) – Dais Records
|| Mineur (NL) – [ттøтε]
|| Wartone (UK/NL) – Native Self

High-Functioning Flesh is an Electro-punk act from Los Angeles, CA. Merging their backgrounds and aesthetics of industrial, punk, and noise, Gregory Vand and Susan Subtract came together and formed HFF in 2012.
|| MINEUR (NL) – [ттøтε]

One half of the local post-punk/wave band Urban Grey. Experimental mix of cold wave, post-punk and techno, guitars and cassette tapes filled with drumcomputers and synthesizers.

| WARTONE (UK/NL) – Progress Bar

Wartone is a regular feature of Amsterdam’s underground club scene, presenting a series of parties that have featured Lisbent, Why Be, Toxe, Mechatok and The Punishment of Luxury, among others. Wartone co-curated NTS Radio’s Unthinkable show with J. G. Biberkopf, examining ideas and theories across platforms, and was featured on Wasabi Tapes’ ‘美しい (UTSUKUSHII)’ compilation alongside artists such as Ssaliva, Niclas, Brood Ma and Malibu; tracks have also cropped up in mixes by Tropical Waste, YYAA Recordings and NODE.